Prayer for my Career and Health for the whole Family.

by Jenelyn Lato (Paranaque City)

Lord God, I am asking for your blessing to blessed me a work that will fit on my ability and a good support group. Lord you know the desires of my heart, you know all the plans I have and I am asking to blessed me with your mercy and loving heart. Lord make a way for me so that my success will be shared to other people surrounds me, and also while working, i would like to asked for guidance and good health for me and the whole family. Give us always the strength to do all things in your grace and protection. Lord God, hear your servant prayer. I strongly have faith and believed in you Lord. I see all the blessings your showers to me from the past years living here on Earth. All my plans and what will I do in the future is for your Lord. Let me an Instrument to proclaimed your words to other. I wish that i would be like you. If other looked at me they will saw you. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and the upcoming abundant blessings that i will be receiving from you. All this I pray through Jesus Name. Amen.

Your Loving Servant,