Prayer for my Brother

Please help pray for my Brother who has been in the hospital for 5 weeks. With lots of Faith and the power of prayers he is healing one step at a time. He has come a long way to where he is right now, he had surgery to have the feeding tube placed and everything went well but for the past few days he has been having fever. They have done a CAT scan and the feeding tube looks good. He had an abscess that was drained and they say that is doing well. Please pray that da creator touch him and get his fever back to normal and continue to heal his body, For his lungs to continue to get stronger so that the respirator can be taken off, For his muscles to get stronger for when he is able to sit up and move around better. May the creator give strenght to my Mom and Dad for they travel to and from the hospital each day 1 hour each way to visit and spend time with my brother. For the nurses and Doctors who have been there for him and never gave up on him.

Thank You