Prayer for my brother

by Jewels (Roswell, Ga)

My Heavenly Father, I pray to you for my brother, my friend, Timothy to be blessed with a profitable work situation, be it within a company or with his own company being restored.

Father, He has grown weary on his journey towards redemption, to make a better way for himself, to conquer the demons with your strength and perseverance. His weariness is due to his lack of being his own financial responsibility. It makes him feel uncomfortable to rely upon others in such a way.

He desires to pay his fines back with his own money rather than his family’s.

God He so desires to become financially solid in his own life with a house, perhaps with his original home he lost or you granting him another one.

He doesn’t understand why he’s had to wait upon the Lord yet he’s humble about it. Father, I ask in humble gratitude, to consider him for this position.
In Jesus’ name—- amen

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  1. Prayer for my brother

    I was having a hard time this morning regarding my brother and his business troubles and financial hardships. I got on my knees and prayed the Lord be with him during this time. I came back to my desk and typed “prayer for my brother” into the search. When this prayer appeared on my screen. My eyes are filled with tears and I can testify that the Lord sent this to me. It has taken the prayer from my heart! Thank you so much!

  2. prayer for my brother

    God my father I come to you crying for mercy upon my brothers life. may you be with him and help him succeed in life. he has been trying all his life father but it is not working. he believes in you and have faith in you. he prays and goes to church but his not making it .he asked up every morning but still come home empty handed. Lord have mercy on Victor Mabitsela .what ever the devil did with his success with you I believe it is done. I will come and testify. Amen

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