Prayer for My Brother Who Needs Healing and Hope

by Roni (NH)

Dear Lord,

My brother Frank is losing his strength physically and he has been mentally tested time and again in his life journey.
He tries to be strong and and move forward without complaint. His caring soul is always helping others as he reaches out through listening, comforting and sincerity.

He asks nothing for himself as he does not want to burden anyone with his simple needs. He lives alone and recently lost his dog companion suddenly. This has broke his spirit.
His handicaps have progressed and he is too weak to take on a new animal companion. Lord he needs intervention from you and all the saints to carry him through these dark days.

He needs angels to see him through each day without more set backs. He needs his faith restored and access to those who can help him. Lord my brother needs your guidance and courage to find his way to continue life as independently as he can. I ask you Lord to shine your light upon him and grant him peace that will take him out of turmoil. Amen