Prayer for My Brother to Be Free of His Debts

by Jony (Bangalore)

O my loving father, As you are aware my brother is in deep trouble with no source to repay the debts ,people who had lent the money to him without taking any interest are now asking back for the money as they are going through poverty even without food for one time.

whereas explained above he is not able to do anything in this situation he has nearly 4-5 lacks of debts and apart from that home loan every month nearly 10 to 11k and need to take care of his family too,what i can do now is without my husband’s knowledge I can pledge some document and spare around 1 lack ,but my fear is if my husband come to know this situation things will go worst . I trust only in you my lord, I have nobody other than you, pls.

I beg you to help by some source to come out this fearful life.I believe that you can do MIRACLE in my brothers life.Amen

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