Prayer for my broken relationship

by Marie Estivenne (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

I would like you guys to pray for my relationship for God to reconcile my boyfriend and me. We recently started dating a couple days ago and yesterday we argued about me wanted him to be closer to me. He said it takes time to be closer to someone and you cannot force someone to be close to you.

I got angry at him and stay stuff I wasn’t supposed to said. He got mad and broke up with me. I want you guys to pray for Jesus to restore my relationship with him, to make him realize how much I love him. I love him so much with all my heart, since the first time I saw him. Since yesterday I have been crying, my heart hurt so much to the point I want to give up everything and end my life.

I want Jesus Christ the son of God to fill my boyfriend Javier Castelan with much love for me. I want God to make him become closer to me and not be afraid to give me love and affection, to change his heart to see that I am the one for him. I want Jesus to make him not to have fear of commitment to our relationship, to take this relationship seriously.

And when he come back to me I want God to always bless my relationship with him and make him love me for eternity. I have faith in God and I know he won’t disappoint me. I want God to make him love me more than I love him and become attach to me like I am with him. I want God to make him answer my text messages.

Please, Please, Please ,please pray for me. PLEASE HELP ME!, anybody out there Pray for me. I would appreciate it with all my heart. My name is Marie Estivenne and My boyfriend name is Javier Castelan. Thank you very much!

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Marie
    I pray this morning for you I pray that the Holy Spirit fills your heart
    I know what you want but Let God s will be done he will never give
    You something you cannot handle he knows what is best for you it
    Could be javier or he is calling you in a different direction you are
    A strong person believe in yourself and believe Jesus believed in you I need you to go to church each Sunday even if alone pray each morning to the Holy Spirit to clear your mind and help you
    To see what God wants you to do I am a man in my 50 s married
    Married 30 plus yrs I know you can be strong go each morning
    And seize the day you do have a future I feel it but let God
    guide you

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