Prayer for my break

by Kevin (New Jersey)

Dear Lord,

I come to you , as I have for many years, it has been a long and windy road,, I ask you know this from my point, I went after what was in my heart, I went after my dream, I went after what I always thought was the talent you gave me, I went through walls, danced with death, suffered with alcohol, confronted the past , ran from it, and faced it and accepted it. I can not count how many times I failed, I can count how many times I tried. I can not count how many times I held on when that was all I could do. I blamed others, blamed myself, blamed my situtation, took responsability and the whole time I always spoke to you.

I am now 38 soon to be 39, I have been as positive as I can possibly be. I can change my body again and now I know that does not mean my chances are better. You gave me a wonderful talent, I have used it to entertain many many people, I have been alone most of this journey, I have been single for almost a decade, I have had to work more jobs I can;t stand all in the hope I would rise.
I did rise, I got off alcohol,I lost weight, I started to work out more, I never stop trying to help produce for the big time. I found a way to raise funds, yet I am poor, I have been criticized and praised. Lord I am on the verge, I gave this to you, I only have one life I want to make the most of it. I don’t know what else to do, I am lost, I wake up and show up when I have to show up. I am asking the same thing I have asked for years. Lord I can be great because you made me great, Today I choose to leave this to you, I am frightened and scared but I know I can do it.

I ask you humbly to open that door, I pray, I promise to be a good man, I will love your people and you already know I will give back. I love you Lord, I leave this humbly to you. Say the word I have waited for my whole life and I will rise. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, please tell my dad I said hello, I miss him and tell him his grandson is wonderful. Thank you Lord

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