Prayer for My Boys

by Jen (Illinois)

Please God … Protect and guide my son as we move to a new home, that he feel safe and secure, that he see the truth of your strength in his life and that he have the confidence to see how amazing, and wonderful he truly is.

Give him the eyes to see good friends that appear in his life and turn away from dark paths. Please open the doors that will lead my son into your light and into all that you want him to be. Give him the courage to live, love and laugh and embrace all the joy that you put before him.

Help him to be a leader and attract life long friends and relationships that will lead to the greatest success in his life, to help nurture him to be all that he can be.

Please also God bless my love and spouse that he may grow in knowing you. That he feel your love and be humbled by your presence in his life. Show him the courage and strength to embrace the goodness in his life and to lead our family in love, patience and kindness.

Give him a deep love for me and his children and protect him from the darkness that would like to draw him in. Keep his mind and heart clear and help him do what is the right thing, as you would have it done. Open his eyes God and lead him from blindness to light.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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