Prayer for my boyfriend’s older sister

by Ahreum (California)


Please heal my boyfriend’s sister, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Please be with her through this difficult time, and let her know that you are watching over her life. Please save her, and give her the wisdom to turn to you during these difficult times, so that she would be accepted into your Kingdom if it is her time to go. If you believe that she should live her life here on earth a little longer, please deliver her from all this pain, and please give her a hope and a great future. Please free her mind and spirit… Please save me, my boyfriend and his family, my mom, sister, dad, and please bless my whole entire family & friends, and anyone that I’ve come across in my life. Please help me to forgive anyone that have hurt me, and please help them to forgive me as well. Please watch over my beautiful sister, and please protect her from sin, and anyone that will come between her spiritual journey to meet you Lord. Please save us…

In Jesus’ name, Amen.