Prayer for My Boyfriend’s Commitment to Me

by Josie (Philadelphia, PA)

Please pray for my boyfriend to move forward and make a commitment to me. We’ve been dating about 5 yrs now and his family has been trying to break us up in all these years. They don’t want him married and to have a life of his own. They keep pushing him to get a job over the road truck driving to keep him away from me.

Last year his mother got him a job driving. He left and we didn’t see each other for 6 months. He made no money, almost lost his house and his grandmother was paying his mortgage just to keep him away. He came back last fall and we’ve been closer.He realized he made a mistake. Now his family is pushing him into truck driving again. He’s not strong enough to tell them to stay out of his life. Pray for strength for him to do what’s in his heart and make his own decisions.