Prayer for my boyfriend

by Suzii (Rockford, Illinois)

Lord, I ask you to forgive me, and my boyfriend. He may have done the wrong things, but God I ask for your forgiveness. I also ask for you to fill his heart with strength and love during this rough time. Lord, watch over him and set him free from jail. Lord, may you encourage him to do great things and learn from his mistakes.

Take him down the right path, and let his mother and step father to forgive him and forgive me also. Lord, renew our relationship and make it healthy. Fill our hearts with love, and hope. Get rid of the depression, and anxiety in both me and Alex.

Bring happiness into our families and cure all sicknesses and sadness. Bring hope into our lives God. Reach out for us and give us the strength we need. Lord, I count on you; and i love you. In Jesus name, amen.