Prayer for my Boyfriend

by M ()

Heavenly Father,

My boyfriend suffered a tremendous loss in his life at a very young age. I pray Lord that your Holy Spirit can guide him and heal his pain and suffering. You are the only one that truly knows the desires of his heart. Help him to have the courage and strength to want to find your love again. As his girlfriend, help me to be strong on this journey with him. If it is your will to use me in his life to help guide him in his Faith, let your will be done. I pray that he can learn to trust you and his renewed faith can be a source of joy, peace, hope and comfort all the days of his life. Lord I love you and although I am confused about this journey, I pray for the clarity, patience, faith and love I need to be on this adventure with him. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything you have done for the both of us. I ask this in your name. Amen.

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