Prayer for My Boyfriend Who Lives Far Away

by Totsie (Europe)

Dear God, i pray for my boy friend miles away please Lead him not into temptation. Always remind his heart and minds how much he love me and he seriously meant all what he told me, even were not talking for the moment we still committed to each other and he have to take responsibility for his action not to hurt me.

Please Lord give him courage to do want he have to do to save this relationship. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Guide him on the direction that he had promise me he will do. Keep him safe always wherever he go. Help us Father to be more patience for each other although we have our differences we have to learn to accept it no one is perfect but You Lord. And please forgive me because I know I had hurt him so bad too, Heal our hearts and take away all the pained that we both did for each other.

Begging you almighty Father to help me fix this and take away all the angry, jealousy in our heart especially me to fully trust him and cleans our soul to be a better person to each other and on your eyes. I’m surrender this all to you Lord please help me on this. I really need you to help me Lord? I love you in Jesus name Amen

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