Prayer for my Boyfriend who is going through a hard time

by Magnet (Ireland)

Dear God, I’ve prayed to you all my life please help me again, my heart is aching, my boyfriend is going through a hard time as he has been burnt by bad relationships, he has a 5 year old son who lives with his mom a distance away, he only sees him at weekends, he does not get on with his son’s mother.

He has slipped in to depression but doesn’t know it. He is completely stressed, he has asked that i give him some time alone to sort things out for himself, i am heartbroken, don’t know what to do, have no contact with him for last 3 weeks.

Please heal him from his troubles and bring him back to me, we could have a nice life together, he is such a kind person, but life was unfair to him. Put your healing hands over us both and give us peace in our lives, i will always believe in you, you were the only friend i had when i was young and going through abuse, i could talk to you at night when i went to bed, i know you have helped me all my life, dear god, i’m begging you to take away my pain.

Give me a sign that everything will be ok, I need you so bad in my life right now. Thank You God.

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  1. I'm Praying for you too

    I’m praying with you. God will make a way to help you and your boyfriend through this

  2. prayers ascending

    I understand what you are going through as i am going through something similar. I pray that God lifts his depression and opens his eyes and heart so he sees the love you have for him and the support you could give him in what he is going through.

    in Jesus name Amen

  3. Thank You

    Thank You all for your comments, I’m really struggling as i have no family only him, my mind is going crazy, God please ease my pain, bring Dave back to me please, he needs your help too, don’t know if he is praying to you. I pray for his little boy David too, I love them both so much, Dave says he still cares for me and has feelings for me, but he is so confused. We are both good people just went through tough times, help us god, i beg you please. I love you God.

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