Prayer for my boyfriend who is going down the wrong path.

by Shanta (Bronx, NY, USA)

Almighty God, you are an awesome God. You have helped me countless times to get back on trach you have pulled me out of situations that i didnt even think i could get of. Even when i felt like given up you were there to remind me that you will never throw something that i cant handle. Today i come to you not for me but for my boyfriend. He is lost in the street life. I pray that you take over his heart Lord and to open his eyes to walk down the right path Almight God.

I pray that you allow him to see that he has people who care and love him who wants him to be safe and well. I pray that he puts down the drugs, stop the gangbanging and stop the illegal hustling Almighty God. I pray that he gets up amd get a job instead of illegl money I pray that he goes back to school and makes something out of his self. Lord i pray that he learns to love his self and others i pray that he learns to stop disrespecting the people who love him including me. Lord i ask that he wakes up and one day rejoices in your glory lord let him have faith and remove all negativity, satanic, demonic entities out of his life i rebuke them in the name of Jesus . Lord i ask you to bring forth the Fire of God and the Fire or the Holy Spirit and cover him in the blood of Jesus. Make him repent in the name of Jesus. Protect him all evil badmind people and past curses Almighty God guide him please bring positivity in his life. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.