Prayer for my boyfriend to find Christ and I to rebuild my relationship with Christ

by NCW ()

Heavenly Father I come to you now burdened and with an achy heart, a heart filled with confusion. Lord all I want is to please you and do right by you which was so much easier before I met my boyfriend now I’m afraid I’m in over my head I’ve become wrapped up in temptation and living in denial. My heart weeps for how far I have strayed and I want desperately to find my way back to you. My boyfriend believes in you but he does that have an emotional connection with you he believes just being a good person in life is good enough he doesn’t understand what it means to be saved and born again. He doesn’t understand your commands he has very skeptic views and I’m afraid I come down to hard on him for not understanding your word for not trying to understand he feels I’m trying to change him and instead of me being understanding and guiding him to you I feel I’m only pushing him further away. Lord god I call upon you now my relationship needs your guidance only you can bring souls close to you lord I pray that you speak to my boyfriend I pray that you drawer him nearer open up his heart and mind and allow him to accept you please come to him in dreams through other people please work within him I see my future with this man I love him and I want us to take this journey with you together please touch his heart mind and soul let him feel your undeniable presence that it brings him to his knees and he surrenders his heart to you please make him into a believe lord god please drawer me nearer as well so that I may lead by example in these things I pray amen

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