prayer for my boyfriend to change his mind and comeback

by Joana (Riyadh)

I just had my 6 years relationship ended 2 months ago. My boyfriend is in the Philippines and I am here in saudi. We had a lot of ups and downs but we were be able to stand up together holding each others hands.

Before I left we decided to get married after my contract finish my contract will end next.month.but last.January we had a small fight leading him to break up with me. I went home but wasn’t able to win him back. I came back here in Saudi to finish my contract.

Please help me pray for him to change his mind so we can start pursuing all our plans. I love him so much and I can never imagine life without him. Please pray for us.

May God hear my prayers may God comfort me to this pain I have in my heart
Pray for us
Pray for me