Prayer for my boyfriend & I to continue to marry and grow old together.

Dear God in Heaven,

Please continue to bless & nourish my relationship with my boyfriend. You brought us together and proved to both of us that true love is real, pure & beautiful in it’s utmost godly form. I ask that you please protect us both from the negativity of others and continue to bless us both individually and collectively as a couple.

Please give my boyfriend your godly sustenance and continue to raise him to up to you as you have done all all his life. He has awakened my belief, strength and confidence in prayer and I KNOW that you are with me and my boyfriend at this moment as I write this. He is not near me physically right now but I know our souls are bound together no matter the distance, because of our connection to each other, through YOU GOD. Please bless our relationship and allow us to continue to grow, flourish and shine your heavenly grace and light upon us both so that we may continue as boyfriend and girlfriend and be married as we have planned and talked about so often. Please be with him at this time and heal his pains, worries and anxieties and return him to his centred self.

Please whisper to him that which he already knows; that I am with him and will always be there for him IRREGARDLESS of anything we or he endures in his life; good or bad, high or low, I will be there for him and that we can overcome anything that comes our way. Thank you God in heaven for bringing us together and continue to bless us and allow for our relationship to flourish, grow and continue so that we may marry and grow old together in bliss. Amen.