Prayer for My Boyfriend and Our Relationship

Dear God,

I pray that You’ll mend my relationship with my boyfriend as we try to work things out again. Let us not be tired and weary of one another while we try to work on us again. God, I pray that You’ll reignite the passion and love we have for one another.

Come and remind him of the love, care, passion and concern that he once had for me. Let him know that there’ll be a future ahead of us and we’re going to be progressing in this relationship, not just maintaining stability. Let our love for one another grow stronger each day. Let his feelings not fade for me but instead grow stronger and let him not set his eyes upon anyone. Let him see that it’s worth working things out, this is just a phase in the relationship, we’ll get through this together.

God, I lift this relationship up into Your hands, let it be covered in Jesus blood that no stronghold will come against. Loose every negative thoughts like breaking up or giving up on trying, instead come and remind us of how much we want to work on things again, regaining the love that we had for one another. Let our feelings be mutual for one another, let this not be a one sided love.

God, I lift this relationship up into Your hands.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.