Prayer for my best friend

by Aurora (US)

Dear Lord, please help my dearest friend in his time of turmoil, confusion, and stress. I love him dearly and I don’t like seeing him in this state. Please help him find strength and guidance. Please do not let him fall into a situation that will cause him unhappiness. Lord, please help clear his path so he can continue following his goals and that he may achieve them. He has come so far in the last year. Please don’t allow the current situation stop him. I beg you Lord to please not let him make a commitment that will not bring him or anyone involved happiness. Please protect him from the people that are looking to take advantage of him and his noble heart. I pray that you give me the strength to be a good friend to him and put my own feelings aside. I only want what’s best for him. I feel in my heart that the situation he is thinking of entering is not in his best interest, for his heart, happiness, or career. Please Lord, hear my prayer. Amen

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