Prayer for my Beloved Youngest Sister


Lord God, you know the wishes of our hearts. You know everything. I ardently pray for my sister’s healing. We tried all means to make her feel well but it seems that no kind of cure will ever heal her. Now, I come to you for mercy. I know that you are the only remedy for her.

With all your power and will, being the Almighty, you can just make her well in an unimaginable wonder. I promise to attribute her healing to your miracle works which never fail every time I come to you. I now declare my covenant with you.

Just completely heal my sister and I’ll do all means to always allot time to hear your word every week in a Holy Mass. I admit that with the busyness of life demanded by my work I lost myself and forgot to offer an hour in a week for You who is the source of everything.

From this day on, I commit myself to this covenant for the sake of my sister who has been suffering much for something which we can’t understand. Whatever it is that she did or I did, I ask for forgiveness. Whatever it is that causes her physical torment, please destroy it and never let it touch her again.

Lord God, please hear my prayer and let it happen. I believe that you never fail a trusting and pleading heart. It is just her and I that help sustain our family needs now. We find strength from one another for our family. My mother is old. My father is sick and also undergoing medication. We have another sibling who is sick and is being taken care of by my mother for decades now.

I can no longer afford her being sick. I give you all my trust and my whole faith. I know you do not forsake those who come to you for aid. Be in our midst. Do not let us forget about you. Help us become aware of your presence and put you in the center of our lives. Thank you very much.

I know we do not deserve all your blessings but you still give them to us. Let this prayer be one of those blessings that you constantly and unconditionally bestow upon us.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning
    My prayers are with you and your family
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Jesus also needs you
    And go to reconciliation – confession
    He hears you He is with you

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