prayer for my beloved family

by Mike Mansyon (Cebu, Philippines)

dear lord, first I give thanks to you for everything that you give into my family, thanks for the blessings that you provide to my whole family thank you so much lord for the gift that you give , the gift of life that you give to my family thank you lord that we are still alive and most especially to my mother my brothers and sisters their husband and their wives and we are hoping lord that there is so many years to come in each of our lives, lord blessed my family keep them safe always and save my family from danger and blessed lord everytime they do our respective job daily especially to my brothers and sisters, help them all lord and my your holy spirit guides us in every direction in lives of my family, thank you so much again for the opportunity that you give to me, especially my job. thank you so much again lord for all the blessing that we receive every day and I hope that there is so many blessing to come into my life and to my family, and the name of Jesus your only son and my savior Amen…

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