Prayer for my beloved as he searches for work

Father, you know the situation. You know how he is hurting, worrying, studying your work. You know how he can’t sleep , can’t eat. He is talking with you constantly. He thinks I don’t know, he thinks I can’t see. Worst of all he thinks I don’t understand, or that I am disappointed in him. I am not. I love you lord.

Please sent the comforter to calm my beloved nerves, help him to organize his days so that he can feel productive in his search. Please continue to build his ministry as he searched for meaningful, financially stable employment in his field. Please provide me with the right words, the right encouragement and the right tone so that I can continue to be and to be received as supportive.

Please bless our little family. You provide have provided for us is such a wonderful way it can only be your grace and mercy. The meal is low in the barrel and yet our bellies are full. Thank you Lord for the lessons we are learning on this difficult journey. Forgive us our sins and make us better Lord.

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