Prayer for my baby..

by Yamy (Zion IL. Chicago)

Hi my name is Yamy I’m a mother of 3 and am currently pregnant with my 4th, I am 3 months and a few days, I just went to the doctor today to do what is called a BUN test which determines if your baby is healthy or not, well the results of the ultrasound came back abnormal, so I was sent for a 2nd test to have liquid moved from my placenta to do further testing, it could be possible that the results come back negative, which I pray they do, I am asking for prayer for my baby to be fine and healthy, that those results come back negative, I am a strong believer of God and I have faith, I just would like some extra prayer from strong believers as well, please pray that everything comes back ok and that my baby that is a blessing from God is a perfectly healthy baby… I would really appreciate it, thanks you all for your prayers, god bless all… God is a great God and a powerful one amen!

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