prayer for my baby to be back in my life

by Rose (Avondale,Arizona)

dear lord,

i need guidance, i need help, i pain mentally and my heart is heavy everyday for the last two years my life became so empty so lonely..quiet..yeah i live my life and i am blessed for the days ive been given but i want the laughter the silly faces the i love yous,hugs and kisses back ii want my life to feel complete again with the one who mattered most my little boy..

i am feeling hopeless now that we will eventually cross paths again since finding out his mother is moving them out of state…i dont want this to tear me apart any more than what it has so i pray for some healing some knowledge that will lead me to be better for you myself and my little boy. and i also pray for his well being as we are apart and that he continues to know and feel my love for him

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