Prayer for my baby girl

by Alesha (Virginia)

My baby girl was born 111 days early and to top it off she is hemorrhaging in the brain at stage 4 which is very very bad. She has a very low chance of living and if she lives she has a 75% chance she will be very very disabled and not able to function at all. Please please please I ask you to pray for my baby girl.

I ask you lord to please give me strength and hope. My faith is being very tested at this time. I beg you lord to be with my baby girl. Heal her from head to toe.

The odds are not in our favor but I beg you to give me this miracle and not take her away from me. please please please lord I beg you heal her brain. Lord I beg you to ease her pain. please lord be with my baby girl and give her life, health, and happiness. Please lord I pray. Amen.

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