Prayer for my baby and her future

by Anihr (Dipolog, Philippines)

Lord God thank you for giving me a healthy baby, having her is a blessing and the greatest gift i have ever received. Please protect my baby everyday Lord from any harm, shield her from all sickness. may she grow healthy, respectful, God fearing and loving person. Please mold her God into a woman with strength, patience, courage and hope she’ll be a blessing to every person she’ll meet. I pray that my baby will grow having you God in her heart so that she will only do what is good and stay away from all evil. And when she’ll be a woman, please guide her God to find the person that will truly , unconditionaly love her. May she always remember to give love and respect to her family who loves her dearly. Lastly God, please give me good health and protect me from all harm. I pray that i will be physically and mentally healthy so that i can take care of my baby and be with her every step of the way. I hope that she’ll be able to feel everyday how much i love her. These i pray in Jesus name, Amen.

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