Prayer for my awesome father that who has blessed me as his daughter…. he needs help

by Delna (City Of Industry, Ca)

My father is an immigrant from south korea. There are no words to describe how proud I am of my dad and how he has accomplished in his life from the ground up. He has a textiles company called hitex dyeing and finishing, that employees up to 100 people, most of whom has been very loyal to my father and have followed him for the last 10 years.

Not only does my father provide income to his employees but also takes care of my grandfather, aunts and uncles financially. Recently we had a huge fire that ultimately put a halt in the production at his company. After the city shut us down for one week, we were so thrilled to start working again. We had to regain the confidence of our customers and have been working very hard to complete their orders on time with great quality for the past two weeks. We submitted an appeal to the city to let us run full production while we wait for the burnt machine to be replaced which can take up to 3 months. The appointment was for today.

We were heartbroken when they not only denied our appeal, but took away the temporary permit we had to run production and had to stop everything. The next time to appeal is on the 14th of april and by that time, our employees who need a job will leave us, the customers will leave us, and its not certain if we will ever get to run production in this company.

I work so hard to be as good as my dad is so to see his face of defeat today broke everything I was holding onto including my faith. In the back of my mind, I always felt like I was bad luck charm. It seems to follow wherever job I have= failure. So when I started working for my dad, all this bad things have started happening and keeps making me wonder. a thought suddenly appeared in my head saying god works in mysterious ways. I need help in prayers for my father. He has worked too hard to have it stripped away and for all the employees that depend on my him as well. I need the city, aqmd, and the fire deptartment to open up their hearts so that we can continue working. Thank you for any prayers you are able to say on my fathers behalf.