Prayer for my attorney and Judge

by Jacinta ()

I pray to you Lord jesus to lay your healing hands on the attorney I see today that the outcome will be over turn that the officer made a error and that they will forgive and let this go.

I will always keep you close and number one in my life. I made a poor decision and just wanted to help a friend. I put others before me and sometimes neglect me. I am sorry and forgive me. In your name amen..

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  1. save my son from evil hands

    Dear Lord, O my Lord, I pray. I pray for freeing my son from the crime that has been committed by his father, father’s relatives, friends and those beneficiaries from his charm, money and character assassination.

    Dear Lord, draw the father near you and give him the guidance to be normal, to be back to the path of goodness and saneness. Dear Lord, give me the wisdom, strength and help to save my son from further damage. Dear Lord, when my son is away, please place your heart, your eyes and your hand on him. Protect him, love him and watch him.

    Dear Lord, the father has been the violator of your law. He has been convicted and has 19 criminal records. He takes my son to steal, to cheat and to lie. Dear Lord, guide my son. Keep him from greed, temptation. Give him your guidance and give him the trust in you. Lead him to the belief of the reunion with me, his mother. My son needs 11 hours of sleep every day, good food, wonderful books, plenty of excises, live stage show in the theaters and happy play dates … Do not let digital games occupy his mind, his soul and his life. His time is the most precious gifts from you. Fill it with knowledge, belief in you, and wisdom. Let not bad things happen to him.

    Dear God, bless my son. He is only 7. He was coached and lied to and made mistake. Forgive him. Do not let him suffer from the fault that was designed by his father and the evil woman. God, you have seen everything. Reside inside us and save us. Release my son from the torture. It is time to end it! Amen!

    – from a loving mother’s bleeding heart

  2. Prayer for legal and forgiveness

    I made a bad judgement and drank and drove. I am asking that you touch the lawyer and judge and to send a miracle that will allow me to get off with no charge. Please forgive me or all of the wrong I’ve done. Please lord wipe my slate clean and give me a chance to live right and uplift your name like never before.

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