Prayer for my answered prayers with money

by Nadine (Canada)

I prayed and asked God for a house, so I went to an agent who was willing to assist.

However I told her, I did not have any money, but am believing God to bless me with the house without money. She paused, then she replied, “you have no money”, of which I replied in faith, “no money”.

A couple years later I met another agent, made my request known, that I have no money; thereby believing God to purchase my house.

Then God confirm that my request he herd with scripture Isaiah 55v 1…”he that have no money; come ye, buy…”

Everything was lined up to the glory of God. Both agents cultural spoke different languages, yet one thing they had in common was their faith in God. And to prevent a long story, God gave me my house on the 4 of July, 2011.

God answered my prayer, and I commit this house to God. All the expensive and maintenance of His house back to God, for it’s His house. And His word said He will take care of ALL my needs.