Prayer for my alienated son

by Linda (Florence SC)

Dear Lord

My heart is hurt & I am very distraught that my son Bobby has left our family, including his only child Brandon, his sister Kristen, his father Bob for no reason except that his wife Trina wanted him to be with only her & her family. Dear Lord, it has been over 6 yrs that he has seen his son and about the same that I saw him. .He & his now wife had reunited and she forbid any of our family to go to her house. They changed their phone numbers, shut us out from all communication.

Dear Lord my son was a faithful servant of yours, serving as an alter boy for 8 yrs. I brought his son to him when he was 12 & he cried when he saw us.

He wrote a blanket email of apology to each of us before we knew that he would be gone.
My heart is broken and I know my son loved us dearly. He married a selfish & hateful woman who verbally humiliated him in front of both families when we all visited their house. She treats my son like a servant & made him get rid of his bite & stop playing guitar. I know he was also depressed for awhile and left her once. He missed her & went back, blaming his Dad for supporting his decision to leave her. I stayed neutral as I didn’t want to be blamed. I even talked with her several times to try to help her to be patient with him. After they moved back together she said she knew we’d eventually try to break us up. This was not true, Lord. I wanted my son to be happy & knew he loved her.
Please Lord, you and all of the saints are the only ones who can touch his heart and hers. Please heal them as we were happy for them & never wished them any harm. No one was allowed at their wedding as they eloped to Las Vegas.
Dear Lord hear my prayer. I love my son very dearly and will welcome him back with open arms. .I will not interfere with his marriage, but I’m alone, lost & broken. I would like to speak to him,see him again & have him visit like he always did. I believe in my heart his now wife was somehow threatened by us. Although I’m (sadly)divorced from my husband, who I also loved he left & said he wanted a bigger job more than our family. I had no choice at the time but to let him go. I raised the children alone. Now my parents are gone too, in heaven with you.
I need and want a partner but want & need my family together again more than anything, so that I can be a good & happy mother, wife and grandmother.
I have helped many people in my life and although I’m far from perfect, the loss of my son has had a bad effect on my physical & mental health. Through your grace and love I’ve survived breast cancer. My daughter was loyal to me thru my illness but feel she’s burdened by the stress of being an only child now. She is also unhappy & having health issues/single which in part is due to depression over the loss of her brother. She tried to visit him over a yr ago to tell him she loved him. He pushed her away & asked her to leave the driveway.
I am praying for and humbly asking for your divine intervention in bringing my son Bobby back to our family. We all miss him and hurt so badly, but try to be strong for each other, esp for his son now 18.
Please help me and all of your children to reunite with loved ones they have lost for no apparent reason. Please help heal their hurt and fill their emptiness from senseless losses like this. In your name I pray to the father, son & holy ghost, as well as Mother Marry and all the saints.

I will be forever grateful to you if you intervene in the way that only you can. Guide us our Lord as we reject Satan and his evil hold on my son & his wife. They go to church regularly, so please touch their hearts and show them both back to us in a way & order you feel fit. I know this pain is not what you wanted for us. I know you want your children to honor & love their parents. I’m suffering every day of my life. .Again, please help all of your people who are in pain- emotional & physical.
I belive in you Lord & know you will bring my son back to us. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and for the blessings you have given me. I ask others to pray for me and my son/family to be reunited as well. Praises to you Lord! Amen

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