Prayer for my adult children

by Kelley (USA)

My Father,

I ask that your attention be focused on the futures of my children.For the son, girlfriend and baby that moved in with us. I ask that they become mature, responsible, caring parents, quickly receive an education and become gainfully employed and independent of us.

I ask that they learn kindness, compassion and a sense of duty to one another to build the best life that they can for themselves and their child. For my daughter I ask that she find prosperous employment and friends that are good people who will bring joy,happiness and contentment to her life. For my oldest son i ask that he be assigned to a location where he and his family will prosper and be happy.

I ask for the faith to endure these hard times, the hope that all this will come to pass and the belief that God hears my constant prayers. St. Jude please intercede on the behalf of my children. I continue to pray all of this in the holy name of Jesus Christ my lord and savior.