Prayer for my adoption case to go through

by Shehla (NY, USA)

Dear Almighty God, Dear St Jude,

I am a single parent of an only child. For the last five years I have tried to give my son a sibling. Not able to conceive again, I turned to adoption. It has been five years with four different agencies and I have been with the last agency for two years. I am so fed up of submitting my papers over and over again and waiting for my case to result in actual placement of a child I long to welcome through adoption.

I really pray hard that you will make it happen very soon now. I have lost all hope as it has been years I have been trying for this to happen. I have spent thousands of dollars but I have no other family around and this child along with my son will be my only family in this life.

Please allow me this opportunity to give a good life to this orphaned child who will become a brother/sibling to my son. I long for this from the bottom of my hear. I pray each and every day. I cry for this miracle. I hope and I wish that I will be called and given a referral of the right child for us, and that I will be a mother again. This has been a dream of mine to have a small family of my own.

Please make this process easy for me and please make the journey to my goal easier to bear. Please dear St Jude and Lord Almighty, I pray for this wish to come true. Thank you immensely.