Prayer for my 2016 supplications

by Gasper (Dares Salaam, Tanzania)

I thank God for today, for all he has blessed me with in this life.

I come to the throne today to bring forth supplication on the following things that i intend to achieve this year.
Let it all be for his glory and honor:

1. I pray that i may be able to pass all the rotations in third year medical school: pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology
2. i pray that i may be transformed into an excellent medical student and a competent doctor
3. that my knowledge may increase and that i may be able to utilize it for good
4. for my acne, acne scars, acne spots to be healed completely. that my face may be made clear
5. for my gums and teeth to stop bleeding once and for all, and the swelling to go away
6. for me to gain musculature and move from 60 kg to at least 70 or 75 kg
7. to gain height to at least 178 cm
8. To have my penis an scrotum remodeled from the harm i brought them through my 8 foolish years of masturbation. restoration in size (5’f,9’e), shape and structure. as for now i am in a bad situation. everything is withered but by God’s grace i will have something good from him that i can be able to share with the wife he has for me. also that i may know the right way about it. whether it requires only prayer or i need to buy the herbal i found today
9. Spiritual growth and maturity
10. to complete reading the whole bible with great understanding and discernment
11. to completely eliminate addiction to gay porn, nudity, masturbation. with no recurrence at all
12. Mother’s Mitral Valve Prolapse to be completely healed
13. for Mom’s health to be renewed, decades to be added upon her
14. Healing of whatever existing condition and underlying condition my sister Bertha has that causes her recurrent UTIs, and her recently found enlarged heart
15. My sister Bertha to pass her form six exams very well
16. My sister Getrude’s marriage, daughter Oriel
17. Total commitment to tithing
18. to be able to sell the plot of the land and refurbish our house
19. To find the right girl and be in the right godly relationship. if it is Esther, then Lord please bring her to realize this
20. A life that glorifies God in all ways

thank you Lord, i know that you have heard me. i pray for your will to be accomplished. All things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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