Prayer for mu Daughter in desperate time of need due to depression

by Judy (Breaux Bridge, La, Usa)

Please pray for my daughter, she tried to commit sucide this weekend. God helped us get her to the hospital in time but she needs the strenght to go through this.

Please pray that the doctors will find the right medication to help her so she can live a full, happy, successful life. Please pray that she doesnt not try this again and that she will be healthy in both mind and body. I ask this in the name of Jesus name, AMEN!!

I beg you to pray hard for my daughter, she is lost right now and she needs to find light and get out of the darkness. She is so sweet and beautiful. She is so vulnerable. Please pray hard, i love my child so very much and want to help her in every way i can to get healthy, God’s grace is the best place to start. thank you.

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