Prayer for more than enough money to move to Florida by this summer

by Virginia (W. MI)

Father, I know that all works together for the best in YOUR timing, but I have been trying to make this move for years now and circumstances keep getting in the way. I know this may be for a good reason, but I am tired and cold, really not doing well in this chill and snowy climate. My body hurts and I long for warmth, good medical care, others my age who are living full, joyous lives, walking the beach and picking up shells and enjoying peace.

I want to live very near my daughter, B. I want to find a great new job and live out my life in the W. Florida sunshine. I need enough money to make the move, to have in savings for several months until I find a great job and to establish myself. I also want the perfect (for me) living situation. And if you have another love in mind for me, a good, righteous man, that would also be wonderful.

I feel the time is right to move forward. I need your blessings and your help to accomplish this. You know my heart and that this is for good reasons. I Thank you in Jesus holy name. Amen.

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