Prayer for more hope as time passes

Dear Lord, I need more hope as time passes. All seems well, but, I never know what my future will bring.

I have thoughts of fear at times and other times, I am alright. I try not to worry as much, but, sometimes I do. Each day it gets a little bit better. But, I will never know the true outcome of it all. It’s been three to four months since all this began for me and I have suffered so much since then. I just pray, Lord, I don’t recieve anymore horrible bad news. But, only you are great and all knowing and can lead me in the right direction. My thoughts go wild while I am sitting quietly thinking and I never know what to expect out of the blue. My future to me is uncertain and only you know what it will be. All I pray to you for is protection and hope and inspiration. I have given myself to you, Lord.

I am at your mercy. Please help me to overcome my fears. I am getting too old to live in fear all the time. I want to enjoy what years I have left to live and enjoy. I have worked so hard and suffered so greatly for what I do have and don’t want to lose it for something that is not my fault. I was only helping someone unselfishly and was taken bad advantage of. Please protect me, Lord. I need a life and a future to live in happily. For it is in your name, Jesus Christ, I pray. AMEN

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