Prayer for more Financial Stability

by MARJ (CA)

Dear Holy Father, I turn to you and ask that you guide me in the direction that will lead me to financial relief and stability. I have searched, Dear God, for answers and have tried to help myself before asking from others. It is now Lord, that I turn to you with the realization that I should have started with you from the beginning. Please meet me in my struggle and lead me out of dangered waters. Please help me to find the answers that I have been searching for and the money that my family so desperatly needs to continue to survive.

More importantly, Dear Lord, Thank You! For all that you have already blessed me with. Thank you for the health of my children and family. Thank you for the many gifts that you present in my life every day. Thank you for helping to guide my children in the words of your wisdom and for the strength to move forward each day, regardless of the heavy burden I feel.
Please walk with me Lord. Guide my feet and my soul so that I may continue to prosper in the light of your Glory. In this I pray to you.

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