Prayer for money

by Paula (Missour)

Dear lord,

I ask you dear lord to forgive and guide me into your life and help me release my worries and fears unto your hands. Please lord see my life and the life of people I care about and help lead me unto the path that will pull us onto the path of finances that will help my family get to a place of peace. Please lord help us with our money problems our time is running short and we need your blessing to help us with out debts, bills, and worries. We are in dire need to get money to find a lawyer to help my husband become reunited with his two children. I pray for the money to give money back to my mother so she can actually retire and not struggle with her bills and obligations and part time work to take care of herself. I pray for the money that we need to repair and acquire the things we need to remodel our house and keep our lives in one peace.

Lord I also ask that the people I know in my life my friends and ones I call family can find the peace and help they need. Guide my friends to the life they need and help them with their struggles where I can not. And guide me to the life I need to help and do the work that I have been praying to do.