Prayer for money

by Nomusa Ntuli (South Africa)

Dear God

As you have seen me trying by all means to get money so that i can pay all my debt collectors.I have failed.I went to banks to borrow money,i spoke to my relatives to help me,but only my sister who was able to help me with the small amount of money that she was able to get,but now it has nt yet made any huge difference because there’s still an outstanding money to be paid.

Oh Lord my God ,you said on your word,we will ask for anything and ya’ shall give us.This morning i am asking for the blessing of money as so that my soul will be free.Because right now,i am really stressed and fustrated.

My dear God ,please help me,ateast remember just one good thing i have done for you.Lord i love you,thank you in advance for answering my prayer,i bless you Lord,in the name of Jesus Krist,who was crucified for our sins…Amen