Prayer for money to travel and pay health insurance

(Third World)

this Time Lord,

I know I need your divine help
Truly I have been whipped and battered
I have tried
but I need your help and deliverance
I do need financial help and independence to put my house and home in order
To live comfortably to be free from the curses of my family and others.

God you are the Almighty Deliver
I travel tommorow overseas I ask for your special intervention
To pay the bills before leaving, have sufficient funds to travel with and purchase gifts for friends abroad
Most of all I have immediate health bills to met
God I need your help
I am tired of poverty of having no running water in my home
In my poor third world country
Help Lord, Almighty God
I depend on you
For a way
Even now I thank you for the way to travel and work overseas Thank you for supporting this venture

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