Prayer for money to clear off my debts and money to start my business

by Annette (Kampala)

Heavenly Father, provider for all my needs, thank you for blessing me

abundantly thus far. I thank you for my life, my daugher,
the good health, my family relatives and friends, my job and all the love

Father am weighed down by this debt with the bank and that from my collegues
Everyone is asking for their money at the same time and I spend the whole
Day thinking how I am going to pay them off. My salary all goes to paying for the debt and still
No head way and am not
Able to cater for my family or pay my bills. This debt has taken away my time
That very often of late I even forget to thank and appreciate you for all that
You have given me.

I cry out to you my Lord send me financial help so that I can clear this debt
And also be free again. The total debt is $12500.

Father I also ask you for money so that I can buy myself land, house and start
My business.

Thank you Father for loving me and blessing me.