Prayer for money for medical bills

by Amanda (Florida)

i am a mother to 2 wonderful kids and a wife of 11 years my husband is self employed and has 2 life threating illnesses and needs surgery asap and he soon will be in a wheelchair and he 34 we have no work coming in and my sister has a brain tumor that is making her loose her sight and my dad has cancer and we have no real insurance and the medical bills for them would be over 1 million and i beg you to pray that will win the florida powerball tomorrow may 25 2011 i am asking this for all the right reasons i know money cant make you happy i am already happy this would insure them a painfree and a better quality of life and i want to repay our local churches and food banks, our house burned down in june and without their help we would not of had food and gave us help and hope,there are so many people i want to help we live in a low income small town and this money would restore peoples faith and i would love to be a part of that and it would restore my family back to the loving people we were lack of money and not having work coming in it makes you a bitter person and makes you do things you know are wrong but you have to feed you kids i just pray gods hears me and he pours his blessings on me and makes the the winner of the powerball may 25 2011 thank you for everything you do for us and for the things you do and we are not aware of thankyou jesus i claim the florida powerball winnings tomorrow that we win in the name of jesus amen

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