Prayer for Money Blessing to Get out of Debt

by Barbara (Erie, PA, USA)

Dear Father God,

First I ask that you forgive me for not being wise in my finances. Please forgive me for not making the best decisions in my finances. Father, I need your help in my finances. I am over my head with no way out of my debt situation. I don’t come before you making any excuses or justifying by any means. I am in debt and I need your help.

Please Father, In the Name of Jesus, if you will open up a way with a financial blessing to be able to pay off my debts (i.e., car, student loan, consolidation loan, credit card (two cards) I would really appreciate. This would be a new start for me. I love to be a blessing to other people and right now with my high debt, I am not really able to bless the people of God like I desire.

I stand on 2 Corinthians 9 chapter in that, not only are my needs met, but I would have enough to be a blessing to others. Please hear my prayer today Father. I do thank you in advance for your provision and your mercy to give me another start.

In Jesus Name, AMEN.

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