Prayer for Money and Job in Times of Need

by Queen (Bloemfontein)

Oh blessed St Jude, please come to my assistance and bring me a speedy help. I would like to thank you oh Holy St Jude with the help you gave me previously. I am coming to you hopelessly again and ask you for more favor and urgently as usual. I have no money, I am in need of money desperately.

I am praying for money to pay the rent by the end of July. I am praying to have money to pay the school fees for 3 of my daughters, 2 in the University and 1 in high school. I also pray to get a good decent paying job, so I can be able to provide for my family.

I am urgently asking prayers to have money so I can buy food for tonight, give my children transport to school for tomorrow.

Please St Jude come to my assistance urgently and bring a speedy help. I pray in Jesus name amen.

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