Prayer for Mom

Mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs that has gone into her brain. They haven’t given much hope or any kind of treatment other then radiation to shrink the tumor in her brain; the doctor say 6 months to a year at the most. This was an all of a sudden diagnosis and our entire family is just in shock and devastated. I know God can do anything that he is the Great Physician and healer and if it is his will I pray that my mother can be healed. I know that He will heal her one way or the other either here on Earth or in His kingdom. We are having a hard accepting this and of course we want to see her survive and know that only God knows the days that are left for any of us. Pray that He would bring a miraculous healing for my mom, to His glory and that you would lift my family to Him lto deal with this devastating news and to trust in the Lord to get us through. I also lift all the people whose prayers are being lifted up today that are suffering with this same horrible disease. in Jesus precious name I pray amen

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