Prayer for miracles!

by Lilian (Tanzania)

Dear Lord God,

I come to you to ask you to grant me with your love, please help me to know you much and bless your name all over.
Here I come as i am, as you promised us that whoever asks and believe shall be given what she/he is asking or requesting.
I come to you God asking for your healing, please heal my body I have been suffering from malaria almost every month. Going through a lot within my body…God I ask you through your son Jesus Christ to heal me now.
See how much I earn and how many people depends a lot from me…God I have this chance that I have been given in my office and being promised that my salary will be increased, ooh Lord God please help me in this and make them pay me as what I wish.
You are the Lord that I will forever praise. Guide us in our relationship with my fiance and bless our wedding which will be soon after some few months. And God give us blessings to have kids that will also praise you.

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