Prayer for Miracles to happen

by Anirban (India)

Dear God,

If it has to be a miracle, then it must be from you.. you are the savior of the masses. Come down to earth again to guide people to their goals or if you have already have, then consider my prayers for the best of man kind

Let people find their own truth for truth shall set them free from the cycle of birth which a common man has to go through for ages.

Give me peace of mind, give me a shelter of the soul, give me the basic needs and I shall be totally yours in submission.


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  1. for my beloeved daughter's success

    My Lord, my God thank you for the opportunities that you had given to my daughter.

    She went through a lot of trials to reach her dreams in life but you were there to guide her. It was a very painful journey with full of trials but she survived because of YOU.

    This time, she wasn’t offered a full-time position in the company she wanted to be part of after her internship. I can see her world crumbled again to pieces. With no job offer and time is so short for her to find one, please don’t abandon her Oh Lord!

    Guide her to the right path and pave the way for her success. I pray for miracle that despite of the result of her internship, she will be offered a full-time position in the same company.

  2. Prayer

    Lord please help my son in this time of need, i ask you to be by his side and watch over him and guide him and those that come into his live to make the right choice. I also want to Thank you for all you have done for us. Love you!!

  3. Prayer to be accepted to the job that I am applying

    Lord I m in the ranked 1st and 2nd for my job panel interview and assessment for the 2 position that I am appkying for. Please help me that just one position that I am deserve to have a job because i really badly need a job. I am not getting any younger I need to have a fixed income for my family and for my future.. Please do not neglect my prayer I am knocking to Your door and asking your miracle that I will be one to fill the vacant positoon. I am praising, keeping my faith amd trust to You Lord. Please removed any obstacle, hindrances and other things that blocking my application to be successful.Thank you Lord for continued blessing and I am counting and claiming that this job is another blessings coming from You to happen one of this day.Amen.

  4. Needs prayers , need an Angel

    I feel hopeless at times and need many prayers to Ask our Lord God Jesus and the Holy Spirit to work in my family and home . Husband had many surgery , fighting cancer , and diabetes and terminal cancer , house is leaking and falling apart no funds to fix it. Fighting for my Health and stress daily . No money need help , need a blessing as many years have gone by and seem to be so many struggles … So tried . God bless everyone going thru hard times . amen

  5. new appointment

    Since went for interview in August 2013 passed 1st and 2nd competency test. There is an unknown man made obstacle to get job offer please I need prayers for miracle to happen

  6. touch their hearts

    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, the sinner……..
    I am not perfect but you know the desires of my heart. I’ve always been fulfilling my duty as a Christian so please touch the hearts of my oppressors. Let them realize that vengeance is not our, it’s Gods. Show them your mercy so they will have forgiving heart. Let your light shine upon them so they can move forward and stop dwelling in the past. Make their hearts pure and full of love. This I pray to You oh Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  7. heal us

    Lord please help me to my problems, cure me and my wife in the virus that we are suffering from now, i know that you are the great healer, please heal me and my wife.. there nobody that can help us now, please Lord,, AMEN

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