Prayer for Miracles for Family and Marriage Problems

by Lidya (Indonesia)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray to You to forgive me for my sins. I know that I haven’t been going to church for these few years, and that I’ve been lazy to pray every night. I want to apologize and hope that you can forgive me for my laziness and not putting You first in my life.

I’m now having some problems with regards to my sister and my wedding which is supposed to be held in a few months time. As You know, my older sister does not wish to be skipped in marriage. She’s unhappy that I get married first since I’m younger than her. She has been saying that she does not wish to attend my wedding if I get married this year, before she does. I’m praying Lord Jesus, that You change her heart, and she can be happy for me. I pray that You can move/open her boyfriend’s heart so that he wants to get married first.

I know that I probably ask a lot from You, but I also know that You are Lord of lords and nothing is impossible for You. Lord Jesus, I pray for miracles to happen.

Firstly, please open my sister’s boyfriend’s heart, so that he can be more thoughtful of my sister, and that he accepts her for who she is. I pray that that he propose to her soon and for them to get married this year, before the next lunar new year.

Secondly, I pray that you also open my sister’s heart, so that she can be happy for me and wants to attend my wedding. I really need her help Lord Jesus in terms of planning my wedding.

Thirdly, I pray that my wedding to be hold next year, instead of this coming January. If You think that I should hold the wedding this coming January, Jesus please help me in getting things done and organized without any frictions between me and my boyfriend’s family. May the wedding preparation goes smoothly without any troubles.

Lastly, Lord Jesus, I pray that You make my sister always happy. Please take away her troubles/problems, especially her stress about her boyfriend.

Jesus, I really need Your help, I need Your miracles to happen. The perfect scenario/situation will be for my sister to get married first this year, and I follow the following year. If Your will be done that I should get married first before my sister, I pray that You open her heart so that she wants to attend my wedding and even help me with the wedding preparations.

Lord Jesus, I pray for those miracles to happen. I know that those may not be what You have in mind/in store for me. So please show me the way as to how things are suppose to be done/for me to do. Please show me Your plan, plans for my life, which I’m sure is the best plan for me.

I know that You listen Your child praying, and really hope/wish that You will grant me the above miracles. I also wish to pray for my parents. Jesus, please grant them good health and always make them happy. Please take away their stresses and sadness.

Thank you Jesus for listening to me. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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