Prayer for Miracle to relieve urgent financial Burden.

by Cristie (Cebu City)

Dear Lord, i don’t know how to start or how to pray. I am not a very religious person, i always do quick prayers, i don’t know what are the right words to say to you for you to grant the favors that i asked. I talked to you everywhere i may be with just a simple quick conversation, but i know that you know what my hearts desire. I just wish that you hear my poor prayers as there are also lots of people who prays for your help.

Please don’t look into my sins but into my faith in you. I will not give you excuses why i am in debt now, it’s simply mismanagement of funds. Please dear Father don’t look away and ignore me and my prayer. I urgently need your help and very big favor to pay off my debts and to free me from financial stress. I have due dates filing up in the next few days, please send your miracle and save me and my family.

If you allow, please grant to us to let us have positive result with the transaction that my husband is dealing with. Please grant to us that the lot be sold now urgently as he is working very hard on these transactions for more than a year now. Through this, it will help us a lot to pay off all debts and we will be financially free and can help my family too.

You said seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you, i would like to claim this promise please grant to us the favor i am asking.

Mama Mary, Father Joseph, Senior Sto. Nino, St Jude Thaddeus please help obtain for me from Lord God Jesus Christ the favor i am asking. Please Lord God intercede and let me experience your Miracle. I am claiming it Please Lord Please! Please! Please! Help me.

Your Daughter,

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  1. finance miracle now

    Finance miracle now new job with mor money house car protection

  2. Faith

    Good morning Christie
    Jesus hears you
    Do not lose faith
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Jesus needs you also

  3. i need cash to accelerate my business

    I m already in business but it is small so now I ddecided to grow it bigger then after create more job?

  4. i am a witness of god always answering my prayers in many ways.

    hi Christie, i have had many miracles happen before me and on front others,although they think was not from pirating i know that it was.sip many times when I’m inn such urgent need of help he found a way for someone or something to happen to get the help I’ve needed.sometimes doubt my faith in him ,i won’t lye and in the end God’s always shows me different to prove he is listening.oh Christie,i also have a financial burden at the moment.and talk to him just as you do all the time everywhere i go.i know he is real because of the answers and miracles he has showed me but others can’t believe what i read your prayer to God i felt good about it,and he will answer you soon.and i have just finished saying a prayer for you and family.I’m a very humble person and sometimes the spirit below us (to not mention his name) bugs me all the time I’m constantly climbing the mountains or stones in front of me.but i continue and say that God has my back,and that he loves me and will rescue me from any situation and then reward me for my suffering.that how it is with me.God is always showing me that when one for closers he opens another for something i had asked. God bless you and your family,never stop believing he loves you,he knows your desires and what is best for you.amen

  5. financial problem/job problem

    my husband is jobless for 3 years I have financial crises, I have 3 kids & I m not able to do their expenses. please pray for me that my husband gets job fast & all my loans gets cleared.

  6. lost job

    iam praying for a miracle to help me a find a job I don’t want to loose my home if so I will be without a place to live plase lord jesus help me in this time of need kathy

  7. Jesus does hear prayers

    Just hold on to your faith. When you least expect it Jesus answers prayers in a way none of us can even imagine.I write from my own experience.

    Cling on to your faith.He will hear you..

  8. anonymus

    I need urgent financial miracle to help buy the condo I need for my osteoartharitis which causes me distress in winter months .so help me God

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